The Struggles



Everything happened so fast yesterday. I would ask if yesterday was real and actually happened but I have an extremely painful sunburn to prove it was.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went out early in the morning just to settle down some of my scholarship stuffs. Yeah, you know… some of the documents need to be prepared  which they’re all related to the Government. OMG, guess what?!  We went through a lot okay I repeat, A LOT but Alhamdulillah we managed to settle everything and learned from it. 

We started the scholarship tour by having nasi lemak for breakfast in Shah Alam. More like brunch kot. Then, we went to the nearest Mcd for Sundae Chocolate but the main reason why we wanted to go there was to fill and check all the forms required before we proceed to the next phase. Everything seemed to be good except for the witnesses needed for the agreement. It was the biggest problem for us and we took quite lot of time to think about it because there were so many conditions to be the witness of the agreement and finally we had our top choice candidates !

So next, we headed back to Klang to reach the first one. So, our first stop was, Sekolah Kebangsaan Johan Setia and yes it was my primary school. I just wanted to see the headmaster to get him signed and stamped onto my form but sadly, he wasn’t there.

So yeah, then we went to pisang goreng stall around my housing area to meet Mr.Johari, the chief village, and yes he was there with his wife. Fuh, Alhamdulillah but we need to wait for him to get his things done and it was okay for Ejy and me. After about half an hour of waiting, he managed to sign and stamp on all the 3 forms. We were so happy that at least 50% of the tour was a success ! But this wasn’t the end yet when we realized that all the forms have been signed by using a blue ink ! OMGGGGGG IT HAS BEEN HIGHLIGHTED TO FILL OR SIGN THE FORM BY USNG THE BLACK BALLPEN . And nehhhhh, there was nothing we can do to make it right.

So, Ejy and me immediately  headed to Bukit Tinggi to find any printing shop just to make another copy of it. Sadly, none of the printing shop was found and guess what, we went to the shop around my housing area (TO MY HOUSING AREA AGAIN?!!!) to print back all the rejected ones. After we’ve printed all the forms needed, there was another problem that we need to solve. We didn’t know how and we didn’t know why it came out like that. HAHAHAHA the paper used by the shop for printing and all was 70gsm and the gov requirement was 80gsm. OMG what on earth laaaaaa. We both were so tired and stressed. I started to release the anger to Ejy and when I was all right, he was the one started to feel the pressures. I can see the anxiety, drowsiness and perfect tense on his face. However, we managed to make each other calm and happy again. 

After that, we decided to settle everything in Shah Alam. So , again and again and again , we tried to find another printing shop that use 80gsm paper in order to fulfill the gov requirement sigh so leceh one laaaaaa wey.  To be honest, I almost gave up through the phases of settling these down but Ejy kept on encouraging me by saying “Sayang, jangan give up. We can face this okay. I don’t want to hear you give up or whatsoever. We gonna get these things done before 3 p.m and the we go lunch okay?”. And this was the reason why I kept my aim back on the right track. 

After all the rejected ones have been printed (again), we googled the nearest secondary school to meet any those who have been qualified to sign the form , basically 41 grade and above. And yeah, Alhamdulillah finally we managed to get all the witness’s signs from the assistant principal of curriculum of SMK Seksyen 18, Shah Alam. But nooohhhhhh , the clerk just used the school stamp instead of the assistant principal’s. We both get confused because usually, the witness will use his/her own stamp which already stated his/her name, position and address. BUT BUT BUT WHUTTTTT ? SCHOOL STAMP ONLY? Like seriously? Are you trying to make a joke omg its’s not funneh I’m so gonna kill you clerk. Then goes some conversations between Ejy and the clerk. “Kak, ni memang cop sekolah eh? Bukan cop Penolong Kanan tadi?” and she replied with her angry tone “Selalunya memang cop sekolah pun” . Omg nampak tak kekerekan kerani tu ? And don’t ask me where am I when this thing happened. I was speechless. 


We didn’t want to start those stuffs all over again so we just proceed to the last phase, last location and last bullshits. So we went to LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) to remit the stamp. I just hope there will be no problem in remitting those stamps. After our number being called, the uncle yang jaga counter tu asked us to fill another form. HAHAHAHA and it was our first time filling an official form. Both were so panic, agitated and nervous. We just did not want to ask them on how to fill the form, so we just worked on it by referring to the notes and sometimes, hantam. Nak lekat stamp pun jadi issue on how to use the wet sponge la hahahaha. Thereafter, wejust passed the form to the uncle for the remittance and it broke our heart when the uncle just only remit those stamps without checking the witness’s signs and the quality of the paper. LOL . 

Uncle, you really don’t know the struggles . Nasib uncle baik layan kitorang. 

And about the school stamps, fuhhhh Alhamdulillah the uncle and his friends said, “yes, boleh sangat dik, sebab penolong kanan. Saya pulak penolong kiri”. And those words made us smile again . Relieved . And suddenly hungry. 

So we had our lunch around 4 till 5 and balik. We shared the struggles and laugh over some jokes that we made for each other. And yes , so much lessons learned and need to be improved in future. Alhamdulillah , thank you Ya Allah for this opportunity. 

And to you, (you know who you are) thank you for willing to get involved in this kind of situations. I appreciate it so much ! I love you and I really do . 




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