My Graduation Day


Hi Assalamualaikum everyone. 

It gives me great pleasure to write that last year I graduated at Sri Iskandar Campus of UiTM Perak & officially received my Diploma. The day was a great finish to a long, interesting, challenging and insightful journey, and it was lovely to celebrate with my family, alongside over 300 other students who were also graduating on the same day.

After three years studying Accounting Information System which I considered as 2 major courses that could possibly kill myself, I finally graduated from UiTM as a Diploma holder which means I can’t stop travelling through out my long journey now because I still need to go through the longest and toughest road for my Degree & I believe it will the be the most rewarding in my life . 

My graduation ceremony was arranged to begin at 2 pm which was the second session for that particular day, but I still got up early to prepare for it! Everyone looked extraordinarily excited under the lovely weather. I felt so warm and touched when my family gave me a big bunch of fresh flowers. Thanks to my family’s support, I could finally finish my diploma in such a great university.

By the way, the ceremony began with opening processions into the Hall. After that, the presiding officer declared the ceremony open. The second part of the ceremony was the confirmation of diploma, which was one that I was most looking forward. Each of us was presented to the presiding officer by the Dean. When I heard my name on the stage, I felt extremely nervous! This was the first time I stood on this stage and it would be the last time for me as well. The atmosphere in the hall was more than exciting during the conferment because we could not help to cheer for our classmates, coursemates as well as ourselves. After the award time, we were invited to sing the UiTM official song together. I felt so touched . As a UiTM student, this was a very special and memorable experience for me. Finally, it was the retiring processions. With the solemn organ music, we walked out of hall as the new UiTM Graduate. These three hours must be one of the most important moments of my life.









Alhamdulillah for everything. Thank you Allah. Thank you mama & ayah. Thank you Adam & Aca. Thank you Muhammad Taufiq. Thank you friends. Thank you everyone. Love you guys so much!

Aina Nz


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