Peace, love & hockey


Assalamualaikum & hai everyone!

Omg,I miss high school sports so bad man. Throughout my high school life, I dedicated my life to hockey. The bond you make with your team was just beyond words! There’s something about the game that creates untouchable bonds between a group of people. Bonds that distance doesn’t break, which is something so rare. I will never be able to put into words how much I miss everything about playing hockey. . . The tournaments, friendly-matches, practices,  nahhhh everything hurts but that was the most fun I’ve had in a long time

Looking back, I was pretty lucky with all the things I’ve got to experience. I got to play competitively until I was 17 years old which was in 2011, to be exact, my final year of highschool. Hockey has taught me more about life. You learn about discipline, courage, toughness, teamwork and communication, I swear!

The best part was the dreaded fear of practice which was the day after a lost to a mild competitor. Puan Norinda (the couch) definitely made us run a lot in this practice. From sprints to long distance runs, push-ups, sit-ups, planks. . .  But at least we burnt a ton of calories while doing so!

Other than that, we had so much phobias of getting hit by the ball , or worse, by the hockey stick. Hahahaha during those moments at the turf, nothing seemed to be wrong. It’s like a major sacrifices of being part of a team lol.

Okay la, that’s all for today, have a good day & happy fasting everyone!

To those who still in action, keep chasing your dream. Keep bettering yourself. But most importantly, enjoy the ride and don’t miss a moment. Goodluck guys!

p/s : Cant even upload my hockey team pics since everyone dah kembali ke jalan yang benar ecehhh . Dulu pakai short skirt je, free hair, short sleeves hahaha lol so yeah .




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