Hello & Assalamualaikum everyone !

Omg what a tiring day . I just got back from work btw . Oh yeah, I am currently working as a dental assistant in Kota Kemuning.  I might say that it is one of a good way to take a break from the ugliness of the world.   However , being a dental assistant is quite tough and challenging, I swear ! Some of the requirements to be a dental assistant are, you have to be good with hands, able to concentrate and follow instructions, interested in healthcare work & good communication and interpersonal skill ((as we’re also carry out reception & some of the admin duties)) . Admin duties including answering the calls, make appointments for the patients, maintain the restock dental supplies, send out reminder for re-examinations and collect payments.

As for me, I assist the dentist in certain aspects of patient care. I handle everything  from helping patient with medical histories, taking x-rays, dental charting (you guys can google it!), and of course assisting the doctor thru the procedures. In this situation, the doctor will completely focus on the tooth and does not look up to reach for necessary instruments. My job is to take what he does not need from the tray , and pass directly into his hand what he needs next, lol. There are so many things to keep in mind such as plastic instruments, burnisher, articulating paper, Fuji 1V, bulk-fill, etch, shapeguard, molar bend, premolar bend, upper & lower forceps, paper points, sodium, apex locator, poli-F, mouthprops, extractor, mathew, distal-end cutter, saline, gutta-percha, leadermix, glyde, dycal, dressing, light cure, spirit and many more. 

So, after each patient, I send the used tray to the sterilization lab and prepare the room for the next patient. This involves wiping anything that was used or touched with a disinfectant, placing the appropriate barriers, and setting up a new tray for a new patient and procedure. Any down time I have, which is typically between patients, is spent in the sterilization lab. I rinse and sterilize all instruments & assemble them into their particular drawers. And guess what ! Sometimes, I have to clear the patient’s mouth of saliva or dental materials used in the treatment by using the operating handheld suction and gauze lol. It may sounds a lil bit disgusting but yeah, that was totally my current job. And most of the times, we have to work under pressure as most treatments have to be completed in a minimum amount of time. The treatments include extraction, Root Canal Treatment, denture, crown, filling, pulpo, scalling, whitening, ortho & impression.

Guess what, I’m going to quit this job within 6 days, specifically at the end of June jyeahhhhh ! Cant wait for the day to come actually. Nahhh , Aina & medic field are not meant for each other. Sadly, I really couldn’t tahan with some situations where I have to stand with the smell of chemicals, medicines, bloods and many more. I definitely would have a massive headache everytime I’ve got back from work and I know it’s not good for me . So I’ve decided to quit. Good choice anyway . Hahahaha. Okay la, going to bed now . Goodnight everyone !


Aina Nz


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