Flower Crown

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Flower crown ? Yeah it’s been in fashion lately , It is also famous for some parties or any other celebrations. I instantly fell in love with flower crowns when the first time I laid eyes on them. They have such a whimsical and feminine style, and remind me of childhood fairy tales. The crowns are so perfect & beautiful. I don’t know why but I have to admit the fact that I am started to love flowers . HAHAHA yeah typical ! But most girls all over the world love flowers or maybe, receiving flowers . Basically, yellow would be the bad colours tho and the perfect ones would be red,white and soft pink !

I am thinking about the possibilities of wearing one for my birthday ! Love them ! It is like a symbol of power , appreciation and love wokay ! Trust me . So I want this crown thingy to be one on my wishlists because they’re unexpected but beautiful to wear . So yeah . . . . I would love to suggest that, the best way to celebrate any occasion is obviously with a flower crown.

Okay la , goodnight guys !

Aina Nz


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