Assalamualaikum and hai everyone.

Yayyyy I am so free now and yeah it’s just because today is Sunday and weeeeeeee I have nothing to do nowwwwww . HAHAHA lol being a teacher on my sembreak really makes me tired and not getting enough sleep . My weekdays are so productive ! Not just being a tuition teacher , but I also work as a volunteer to be an unpaid driver for my sissy and lil brother . However, I am so happy doing my duty as a sister . “Kakak Mithali” gittew. Ceyyyy

Btw, It has been a year since my brother left us forever after the unforgettable incident was happened in Kelantan . I miss you so much Along . May Allah grant you to the highest Jannah and I hope that we will meet again one day, in Jannah InsyaAllah . Do come in my dreams Along . I miss you so much . We miss you so much.  Alhamdulillah, everyone in my family seemed to be rebounded with what had happened to us. I believe that there is always hikmah behind whatever situation we’re facing right now. Everything is created and planned perfectly and I believed His plans are always to elevate our ranks for the next world InsyaAllah.

So my brother’s tahlil was held at my house yesterday and Alhamdulillah there were so many people coming to the tahlil which includes his friends , my neighbours, mum and dad’s friends, relatives, orang surau and also my sister’s friends . Not to forget , Ejy , Huda and Odenk . Thank you for coming guys . Terubat rindu . Ceyyy . Odenk and Ejy came a lil bit late which was 2 hours after the tahlil has been started . But it’s okay cuz the majlis hasn’t end yet . I was having my lunch with Huda when I saw them walking from the end of the “lorong” . So I just sit there, still enjoying my lunch . They shook hands with my dad and my uncles before they moved on to our table. Ejy wasn’t just shaking hands with my dad but he hugged my dad too ! Awwwww so sweet . My dad told me that he felt so happy being hugged by “bakal menantu”, lol . And my dad told me that , “terasa macam ada anak sulung lagi”. InsyaAllah in 3 or 4 years time wokay ? Doa doakan la yang terbaik for us .

I can see that my parents started to love him . Alhamdulillah , my relatives pun dah kenal Ejy . Our relationship has been blessed by most of my family members including my relatives . InsyaAllah we’ll end up together as soon as we have finish studies and have our own career .

Okay , I think I should spend my free time for other things too . Bye and Assalamualaikum .

Aina Nz


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