Alhamdulillah , guess what ! I’ve been checking my exam results last night and  I passed all the subjects for this semester ! Yeah I know eventho I couldn’t achieve my target ((not a dean student) but still , I did better than I thot I could . My grades may not be high compared to others but having all of the subjects passed is definitely enough ! Congrats to all my coursemates, classmates and roommates who get deans in finals . HAAAAAAA YAYYYYYYY I can finally enjoy my sembreak  with my heart in and out of this precious life .

Yes, I really need to get my sleeping schedule back on the right track . Having these 2 eye luggages make me feel so sick and old. Other than that , most of my leisure times will be spent on movies, Running man, and some activities that would not bring any benefits on me . Okay guys , gtg now I need to get ready for tonight’s class . Bye !

Aina Nz


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