Middle May


Hai and Assalamualaikum everyone ! Guess what ! Ive been spending my days parked in front of  my laptop , watching movies , running man marathon,  online , etc hahaha life is good aite ? Ive been eating , sleeping , tweeting and stalking people all day long yay me for not ever being productive  in my whole entire life !  Oh yeah , fyi i am working as a tuition teacher and i teach English&math for almost every night (part time job for 2months break)  .  I am so grateful that i have a job and make some sort of income eventho sometimes it’s quite hard  and challenging but i gotta say i like it . Alhamdulillah thank you Ya Allah for giving me an opportunity to become a part time  tuition teacher , even for a while , i could feel the bittersweet feeling of being a teacher  and it’s kinda cool i guess .  Other than that , i was also responsible to take a good care of my sis and lil bro since my mum is not here and doing umrah for 2 weeks .  I feel like a housewife .  Taking over my moms role is driving me crazy . The job never ends seriousshit but i can say that , i really enjoy it . By doing the heavy duty house chores is like doing the biggest workout everyday i swear . Oh yeah , ive brought my sis and lil bro out last weekend and we watched Star Trek Into Darkness ! yknw what , it was absolutely phenomenal and beyond amazing ! It was real good and Star Trek was actually better than Iron Man 3 . Woppps , sorrryyyyy . Im just telling the truth hehehe . I love my siblings and  ill do anything they ask me to, no matter what . omg i really am such a good sister to my sissy and lil bro (perasan much) okay wtv hahaha . 

Oh yeah , congrats to my boyfriend who got his offer to do the premedic on May 27th this year . I am so proud of you and i know you will do great i will pray for you to be safe k ? take care over there and dont forget me k cuz i will never forget you , ever ! Im gonna miss you boo ! 


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