Middle Of The Night


Assalamualaikum . hmm ,  3 in the morning and i dont know why i cant sleep . its like im waiting for something to happen haih . I think i just had 3 hours of sleep last night.  Omg i honestly have a sleeping problem .  i swear i wanna sleep now but i have so much energy right now . it’s ridiculous ! i hate being wide awake cuz i over think everything . seriously .

i think im gonna be up all night and no one is nice enough to accompany me NAYYY ! yeah im just gonna stay up all night and get my sleep back on schedule ! its unbelievable how i stay up all day and all night everyday . i wish i had a bestfriend that can stay up late and talk all night with me . andddd i wish life would quit messing up my sleeping schedule . i cant believe i stayed up this late hahahaha . (maklum lah , i kan kuat tidur ) . i really need to fix my sleeping schedule like seriouslehhh ! why am i wide awake when i need to be asleep ? haiyaaa aina aina .

okay lah , i should try to get some sleep eventho i cant anyway . i will try to get as much sleep as i can . Hwaiting HAHAHA lol lol lol . okay , goodnight world ! Assalamualaikum .


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