Semester Break


Assalamualaikum and good afternoon Earth ! eh , look at the blog title! am i too late for this post ? i dont think so . my semester break has begun ! bo beep bo beep bo beep ohhh . so yeah , i hope today will be such a productive day for me because my life has been so unproductive ever since the first day of my semester break . btw , i have a long list of cravings to satisfy this semester break , seriously . i wanna go hang out with my friends ! i wanna sleep like 25 hours everyday ! i wanna eat everything in this house ! muahahaha . ive been thinking about to get a job for this break but er but but but i am such a lazy bum .

i wanna do something worthwhile today ! i want to save my sem break .i have no idea on what to do for the rest of the sem break .i want my sem break to be maximized more please please please . feels like going out and enjoy my sem break but instead im at home laying in bed . nice oneeeee ~

oh yeah , i am going to Kelantan tomorrow . i dont want to get too excited for tomorrow but i know it is going to be good . hopefully . may Allah bless and ease our long journey to Kelantan . Amin . okay lah , i need to perform zohor before it’s getting late .  tata everybadeh . Assalamualikum .


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