Home Sweet Home


Hai and Assalamualaikum . okay , should be studying now but errr ? yeah yeah , i’m trying to study but too much on my damn mind right now . i just hate having too much on my mind at once . so yeah , better stop before jadi gila . kang nanti tak pasal pasal boyfriend pun lari . okay , just joking . i promise , i wont waste my precious time again and again and again . InsyaAllah .

I absolutely love being home ! wake up late every single day is one of the reason why i love being home he he he . the lack of sleep i have been getting lately is really messing with my body . i seriously cant wait for final exams to end  . I wanna replenish all the strength and i seriously need my sleeping schedule back on the right track .  i love sleeping but i never get enough of it , hahahaha can you see my problem ? i used to consider it as a hobby , be jealousss ! sleeping is my favorite thing ever . it’s just like being dead for a while and waking up for foods . okay , zombies pun lagi better .

The best part of being home is mama’s cooking  . i had ikan masak kicap , and sup sayur for dinner . this may sound simple but blergh ! nothing can beats mama’s cooking , seriously . kalau ada sambal belacan , lagi mengancam  . mama’s cooking is always going to be the best . going to learn from her tho . but tunggu semester break laah . tunjuk ajar ku sifu , ecehh .

Ya Allah , running 2 hours of sleep . almost 2 in the morning . goodnight and Assalamualaikum .

Aina Nz


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