Study Week


Assalamualaikum everyone . today is September 22nd and my Final is just around the corner , wooohoo ! i need to go study though but i feel so lazy to study when it comes to AIS 130 and FAR 100 . these two subjects are quite challenging for me and i really need as much energy as possible . i wish someone could study for me but i would like to know everything after . i know it is IMPOSSIBLE . i just realized , during PMR and SPM , i totally left this social networks —> facebook and twitter <—  and work hard for exam . i seriously need to do it again for my final , and the most important thing is for my beloved parents , mama and ayah .

Now i really need to sing this song ” wake me uppp , when September ends ” . this month has been an extremely tiring busy month . haiyyaa , September has been the most stressful month . oh yeah , to my dear boyfriend , Muhammad Taufiq Bin Zaidi , im so sorry cuz ive been such a cold-blooded girlfriend towards you lately . and thanks for always understanding me sayang . Ejy , i hope you will read this . i am sorry we have to quarrel everyday but somehow we find our way back . whatever it is , i feel so bless and thankful cuz i have you in my life . somehow you always manage to make me laugh . thank you , syukran , terima kasih , sesiey , nandre , arigato haid .

i will try my best to work hard for my final exam . i really need to get out of this lazy mindset . okay , jadual pun telah disediakan , and i just need to discipline myself and comply with the schedule that i made yesterday . 

okay , itu sahaja . Assalamualaikum . 

Aina Nz


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