UiTM dihatiku !


hello and Assalamualaikum everyone . okay okayyy , i know i should be punished for not wordpressing as often as i could . mintaaaa ampunnn , hehehe . if you have been following my twitter , you probably have an idea on how busy i am in this month , working too hard for assignments and tests . oh yeah , i am currently studying in UiTM Melaka as a student of accounting information system . i wonder why i bumped into a lot of people there , my seniors of SMK (P) Sri Aman , ATPN friends , PLKN friends , etc . ada jodohh , ecehhh . times flies so freaking fast . rasa macam baru je start college life , hahaha . pejam celik pejam celik , ehhhhh ? my first semester of college life will be over within a month . yeayyy ! but but , test duluuuuu , NAYYY ! 

oh yeah , i have four pre tests this week which are MATH112 , AIS130 , FAR100 and HBU111 . can die laah like thissss ~  can someone please just kill me ? gahhh , a very stressful week due to tests and all . okay aina , chill chill . i have to be well set , mettlesome and and and VIBRANT ! hahaha , dah macam nak bersukan pulak dah . oh yeah , i am so super lazy to go back to college today . can i just miss college for a week and go back to sleep ? hahaha . next week is the study week for the UiTM students and basically i have to go back home again YAYYYYY !

i will try and make as many efforts as i can to be a successful person in the world and  Hereafter . InsyaAllah . UiTM dihatiku ~ hahaha

Aina Nz


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